Introduction to Customer Service

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This online program is based on the Applied Learning Reception and Customer Service program. It provides a holistic approach to person and professional development and prepares future pathways for working in customer service positions. 

 This course is designed to help you develop the skills and knowledge required for customer service  work.  It will also support you to develop your confidence, and general life and employability skills.  

This course consists of 9  modules and supports work experience activities in customer service roles. In addition to developing customer service skills, this course is designed to give you skills in: 

  • Communication 
  • Teamwork 
  • Problem solving 
  • Initiative and enterprise 
  • Planning and organising 
  • Self-management 
  • Learning 
  • Using online technology 

Starting with the first module, work your way through each module applying what you learn to your workplace or an environment where you provide customer services (e.g. Volunteering for a sports, arts or other community group). 

Modules included in the program are: 

Whats is Customer Service

Workplace Health & Safety 
Time Management 
Crop businessman giving contract to woman to sign
Confidentiality and Privacy 
Relationships in the Workplace 
Chess, Strategy, Game, King, Board
Handling difficult situations 
celebration chairs party table setting
Food Hygiene